City Guide Series: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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I’m Stephanie Shoemaker and home for me is Minneapolis, MN. I am so honored to be sharing my city with you on WhereSheWander. Before we start, a few things about me is that I am constantly drinking coffee or tea, sometimes both. I am wildly obsess about clothes and skincare tips but in addition to all of that, I write. I speak. My writing is my voice for me, for you, and for the next generation. My writing is filled with reminder, motivation, truth, pain, mistakes, and clarity. I want my writing to move your heart, your dreams, and your pain forward.

Let me just say that this midwest city is full of treasures, developing fashion businesses, and saturated coffee shops. You get trees with skylines, who doesn’t love that?

The first shop I want to take you is Wesley Andrews where they have REALLY good coffee and tea. We would grab their Matcha Thai Tea cause that’s a seller in its name. Oh, also to take a photo with their plant wall.


Next stop is Bachelor Farmer for their incredible brunch and coffee. Definitely my favorite photo op for #ihaveathingwithfloors.


Okay, last coffee stop is Botany Coffee because I absolutely love their minimal interior.

I've been following Stephanie for a while now, and she is such a breath of fresh air. On a platform saturated with FOMO, and a lot of the same content from a ton of different creators, Stephanie uses her space to uplift her community. Her minimalist style is to die for, and she's unapologetically herself. Her love for coffee and community always brightens up my feed. Please feel free to follow along on her journey with the links below! 

@StephanyByDesign // #StyleWithShoemaker

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