5 Things To Watch On Netflix RIGHT NOW!


I probably spend more time searching for something to watch on Netflix than actually watching whatever I've picked for the night. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in movies and TV shows! I have my normal go-to's when it comes to binge-watching, but if you're ever in a rut consider some of these lesser-known favorites! 


To All The Boys I've Loved Before
If you think TATBILB is another cheesy, boring, coming of age story about a random girl in high school, you're wrong! I didn't go into the movie with high expectations, but I've watched it three times now! It's such a sweet story, with great character development, and I'm sooo in love with the cast! Also, Noah Centineo is reason enough to watch this movie. 

Kim’s Convenience
This Canada based show about a Korean family that owns a convenience store is so much fun to watch. Maybe because it feels relatable to my immigrant upbringing? Maybe because I see my parents in Kim’s parents? T and I laugh our way through every episode. If you’re looking for something light hearted and easy to watch, try out this one!

Somebody Feed Phil
T and I recommend this Netflix original to everyone! We love watching Phil Rosenthal (Producer of Everybody Loves Raymond) travel the world and eat local foods that represent their cultures. He has such a great personality and he's so incredibly easy to watch, we often keep the show on in the background when we're making dinner or cleaning the house. There are two seasons out now, but our favorite episodes highlight New Orleans, Bangkok, and Venice! 
If you happen to finish all two seasons of Somebody Feed Phil during your Netflix marathon, check out the original PBS version of his show I'll Have What Phil's Having. It's basically the same, and also available on Netflix. 

I'm not super into dramas, but when I'm looking to mix things up a bit I stray away from my regular shows and watch Riverdale. It's a little darker than Pretty Little Liars but just as binge-worthy. I am so attached to the characters and their development, I can't wait for the next season to air. SO MANY CLIFFHANGERS. With fall upon us, it's the perfect show to watch curled up on your couch with your thickest blanket. 

Black Mirror
Every single person on the planet has watched Black Mirror, and if you haven't... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. I will admit that I don't love all of the episodes, but the ones that I liked are amazing! Literally, mind-blowing. It's definitely not a movie that you can watch while cooking dinner, or doing homework. You have to be fully committed to the episode, otherwise, you'll miss so much! Do you guys have a favorite episode? Let me know down below!

Ok, so the next time you're hanging off the couch clicking through Netflix's endless search options, I hope you'll consider some of these! What are some of your favorites?