Travel Skincare 101

If you're like me, traveling has a tendency to wreak havoc on your skin. Airplane cabins, change in climate, and too much sunshine doesn't treat me well, and I come back from vacation with a dry and dull complexion. That's why, when I am home, I love to pamper myself a bit and incorporate masks into my skincare routine!

I'm super excited to be working with Memebox to bring to you some reasons why you should start masking, especially if you travel often! 

It's Necessary
Traveling can be stressful on your skin. You're usually not as hydrated as you should be, you spend extra hours in the sun, and getting on and off planes can cause breakouts and dry skin. I love face masks because they can target specific issues depending on the situation. This egg cream mask by Too Cool For School is my favorite to use after a long flight. It's hydrating, and tightening and gives me the lift I need after 10+ hours in the sky with recycled air. But if you're breaking out, or need boost of collagen, they have masks for that as well!  

You Should Pamper Yourself
You definitely deserve it! Masks give you spa results from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes it's hard for me to unwind between trips, especially if they're closer together. Taking fifteen minutes to do a face mask reminds me to relax a bit, and not worry so much about my upcoming flight. I love to turn on my favorite show, or a short playlist while i'm masking to help keep my mind from wandering to my to-do list! 

It's Travel Friendly
I know I talked a lot about masking while you're at home, but my all time favorite place to do face masks is on a plane! We all know long flights can be harsh on our skin, so on overnight flights I love to pack a mask in my carry on bag to use while everyone else is sleeping. I'll put my hood on, turn on a movie and destress right there on the plane. That way instead of feeling tired when I leave the airport, I feel refreshed and ready for our first adventure! 

Long Term Benefits
Lastly, my favorite part of face masks, are the long term benefits. Making sure that my complexion is taken care of means that when I'm traveling I can feel comfortable in my own skin. Less makeup means less touchups throughout the day, and in turn that means that I have the freedom to enjoy my vacation to the fullest! And I have no complaints about that!(: