Traveling In Large Groups

I love my friends, and I love to travel, but I don't necessarily love them together. To be honest, I actually have a pretty hard time traveling in groups because of my high level of anxiety when I'm on trips. But I love experiencing new things with close friends so I've had to try to find a balance over the last few years. If you're anything like me, I hope this post helps if only a little bit. 

Know Your Friends
I think it's really important to know the people that you're traveling with. Understand the types of things they'd be interested in doing, the type of travelers they are and take into consideration the vision they have for the trip as well as your own. Some people love to relax during vacation, others want to constantly explore. Make sure you know what YOU want so that you can easily go with the flow or make your own path and meet up afterwards without causing stress for yourself. 

Do Things Together and Alone
As important as it is to do things as a group when you're traveling with so many people, sometimes it's ok to wander off on your own. If you're together for an extended amount of time, you definitely won't miss out on making memories together because you'll have plenty of opportunities. But if you're feeling overwhelmed, or stressed, just excuse yourself for half an hour or so and explore on your own. Not everyone moves at the same pace, so take a chance to collect your thoughts, and then rejoin the group refreshed! 

Make sure that well before the trip begins everyone is communicating. It's the worst feeling to go on vacation and not see the things that you wanted to see, or try the things you wanted to try. We started a group chat way before we left for our cruise, and we constantly updated each other on the trip, talked about things that we were interested in doing in each city, and planned accordingly so that everyone could do things that they wanted! It also kept everyone pretty hyped about the trip even though we booked so far in advance.