A Paris Proposal

It's been about six months since T's beautiful proposal and I just wanted to take a break from all the wedding stress to think back to this incredible moment. It was such a surreal day, but I can still play back very detail in my head. From the moment we woke up in our Paris apartment, to the second we fell asleep after a day of running around and nonstop smiling. 

It's funny to think back to all the small details leading up to this moment that should have gave me the hint that something was up, but our Europe trip had been such a whirlwind I didn't even notice that T wasn't letting me anywhere near his pockets, or that he got upset when I reorganized his suitcase while we were in London (He was scared I would find the ring box hidden in his backpack)!

I remember waking up that morning and T giving me a hard time about wearing pajamas out in public again, and I remember snapping back that it was 100+ degrees outside daily with no air conditioning and that he should be happy that I put on clothes at all! I remember finally giving in and putting on a dress for some photos, but refusing to wear anything but converse. I remember walking out to the Metro and taking the train to the Trocadero. In hindsight I should have noticed that T wasn't letting me wrap my arms around him or hold his hand too close to his pocket, I probably also should have noticed that he was being extra affectionate with his words. But if you know me then you don't doubt it when I tell you that I was too busy thinking about how many crepes I could eat once we got off the Metro to notice any funny business. 

When we finally got to our destination, T was busy running around trying to find the optimal place to "take photos" and I was busy not being helpful and looking for a pastry cart... I didn't even notice that he was getting upset that the spot that he originally wanted to use was under construction. Meanwhile I was begging him to let me go get a croissant, he must have been rolling his eyes so hard at this point. 

He finally found a spot that he liked, and we posed for a picture while a friend snapped away. And like any normal person would do, when the photo was done I began to walk back towards our things, only to be pulled back. I suddenly realized what was going on, and the rush of emotions that you feel when that happens in indescribable. He turned me, and the tears started flowing. I think I was sobbing so uncontrollably at this point that people around us thought that we were breaking up or that he had hurt me. He got down on one knee, and I couldn't even calm myself enough to answer him. To be honest, my heart was beating so loudly I don't think I heard a single thing that he said! He even asked me if I was ok, he couldn't tell if the tears were sad or happy! (They were happy, obviously)

When everything was done, the tears stopped flowing, my breathing steadied, and the few strangers near us congratulated us, I could finally to take a second to absorb what had just happened. He's been my other half for 10 years now, and he's given me such a beautiful memory. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.