When In Rome

I honestly felt like I was living in the Lizzie McGuire movie the whole time I was in Rome. T even threatened to not let me get gelato if I didn't stop singing the What Dreams Are Made Of song... needless to say I didn't stop and I bought my own gelato.(: 

On a more serious note, Rome was so incredibly humbling. To stand in the shadow of so so so much history, it took my breath away.

We were able to see most of the popular monuments of Rome in one day, luckily they were all within walking distance from each other. Not necessarily close, but definitely doable. In order, this was our itinerary for a full day of sight seeing in Rome. 

The Spanish Steps
The Spanish Steps were the easiest to get to from our apartment via subway, so obviously it was our first stop. Unfortunately they were under construction when we were visiting, but the neighborhood that it's in was a dream to walk around. There's even a Laduree down the street if you have a sweet tooth. 

The Pantheon was a short walk from The Spanish Steps. We grabbed some gelato near by and walked towards our next monument. It was beautiful, unlike anything i've ever seen before. The moment you walk inside, with the light shining through the ceiling, it was an unforgettable moment. If you want to rest before you proceed on your walking tour, be mindful and don't sit on the steps or the sides of the Pantheon, instead you're welcome to sit on the steps of the fountain out front.  

Trevi Fountain
The Trevi fountain isn't far from your last stop. Again we grabbed more gelato and started our walk. Can you tell it was a hot hot hot day in Rome? We actually got a little lost at this point and surprisingly found ourselves in front of The Column of Marcus Aurelius! Make sure you have some spare change to toss into the fountain(: 

Colosseum and Roman Forum
This is where it got a little difficult, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum is definitely walking distance from the Trevi Fountain, but it's by no means close by. This was the longest part of our day, but walking up the street and seeing the Colosseum around the bend of the road was completely worth it. We walked along the edge of the Roman Forum and then headed straight to the ticket booth to pick up our tickets. General admission will buy you a visit to the Colosseum as well as the Forums, you're allowed two days to see them each once! 

Vatican City
We definitely saved reserved a full day for Vatican City, and I recommend you do the same if you have the time! There was so much to see and take in, we loved that we were able to take our time and really appreciate all of the history that was right in front of us. Remember to walk right past all those people that try to rope you into an expensive tour or try to tell you to walk in a different direction, we walked past at least 20 different people between the subway station and St. Peter's Basilica. Purchase your tickets in advance if possible, fill your stomach and your backpack with food and water, and enjoy your day soaking in some of the most iconic pieces of history in the world.