Mon Amour Paris

I don't even have words to begin to tell you how incredibly magical it is to be in Paris for the first time. All of those pictures that i've seen for my entire life, those picturesque street corners, beautiful flaky croissants in bakery windows, all the beautiful history permanently embedded in their architecture, it was so surreal to see it all in person. I guess getting engaged there makes it just a tiny bit more special, right? 
Here are some of my favorite tips for visiting this beautiful city!

See The Eiffel Tower
For the rest of my life the Eiffel tower won't just be a beautiful monument, it will be where T and I got engaged, cheesy right? But that does mean that it holds a really special place in my heart, so of course I had to tell you guys where the best view of it is! I know everyone says that you have to go to the top of the Eiffel tower if you're visiting for the first time. But let me tell you, the view from the top of the Arc De Triomphe was absolutely unforgettable. All the Parisian rooftops and the champs elysee  framing the base of the tower itself, I couldn't take my eyes off it. If you only had time for one view point, I whole heartedly suggest this one. 

Seriously Indulge
Eating in Paris is unlike eating anywhere else in the world. Every single time you sit down it's a new experience. The decadent desserts and authentic, rich french food that you can get here is so unique to this country that you definitely have to give yourself some extra cheat days to fully enjoy what this city has to offer. Macarons, ice cream, baguettes, crepes, there's no way that you can say no to these things! Starting your day off with coffee and a croissant isn't an option it's a must! 

Ble Sucre - croissants
7 Rue Antoin Vollon, 75012 Paris France

Laduree - macarons
75 Avenue Des Champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris France

Angelina - dessert or hot chocolate
108 Rue Du Bac, 75007 Paris France

Berthillon - ice cream
29-31 Rue Saint Louis En I'lle, 75004 Paris France

When In Paris...
Do as the Parisians do! Grab a bottle of wine, some fruit and a blanket and lay out  on the bank of the Seine while the sun is setting, or grab some Berthillon ice cream and make your way to the river wall to dangle your feet over while your eating. My favorite option? Some wine, some friends and a blanket on the lawn of the Trocadero to watch the Eiffel tower light show at night. 

Explore Beyond The Monuments
My favorite part of Paris is hands down the artist's district, Montemarte. We walked all the way up the steps to see the beautiful Sacre Coeur and then wandered off behind it afterwards and we stumbled upon the most charming neighborhood. If you wanted to see the Paris from movies and storybooks come alive, this is definitely a must see for you!