Too Much Gelato?

Triple digit temps in Italy while we were visiting in July made gelato our go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But at one point I had to ask myself, how much gelato is too much gelato? I obviously didn't care THAT much because I consumed an unreasonable amount of this deliciousness during our trip. Thank goodness for the 18+ miles we walked daily to see all the sites otherwise they'd have to roll me back to the states. 

Finding a gelato shop isn't difficult in Italy, they're more common here than Starbucks is in the US! So here are a few tips that we learned from the locals to help you find quality, authentic gelato amongst the sea of melted ice cream. 

  • Don't ever buy gelato from a bar. A lot of the bars and small restaurants have small cold cases with gelato in them, keep walking on past them! They tend to be expensive and not worth your money.
  • If the banana is bright yellow go somewhere else. They use extracts and coloring instead of real fruit, the banana should be a grayish yellow color instead! 
  • Don't be enticed by the gelato that's piled high in the case! Real gelato is made in small batches and really couldn't be piled like that normally. Go for quality over quantity. 


Scroll down to see our top gelato shops!

Gelateria Buonocore
Via Vittorio Emauele, 35, 80076 Capri NA, Italy
T and I actually have dreams about this shop. It was originally on our 'must try' list, but the scorching heat in Capri discouraged us from looking for it. We accidentally came across it and were immediately drawn in by the smell of fresh waffle cones. The absolute best gelato that we had in Italy. 

Cannaregio, 3844, Venezia, Italy
We love Grom, the first time that we had it we were in New York City! Make sure to say yes to the whipped cream, you won't regret it! 

Gelateria La Romana
Via Venti Settembre, 60, Roma, Italy
We visited this shop almost every day that we were in Rome, determined to try as many flavors as possible. Everything was delicious and fresh! Remember to ask for chocolate in your cone and whipped cream on top!!

Flor Gelato
00184, Via Cavour, 337, 00184 Roma, Italy
When we tried Flor we were desperate for Gelato with the 100 degree heat and the sun beating down on us. But i'm glad that we did, even though it's located in a very touristy area the extra dark chocolate gelato was to dieeeeee for. A little expensive because of the location, but not a single regret here!