Costa D'Italia

Places like Positano and Capri were always on my lust list, but I never dreamed that I'd actually get the opportunity to visit these incredibly beautiful places. This past summer I was able to carve out some days during our trip to Italy and finally see these places in person and I can't even put into words how breathtaking they were. Here are my tips and tricks if you're visiting this magical place anytime soon! 

We used Naples as our home base during our time on the coast of Italy, it had easy access to the trains and ports so we were able to explore the neighboring cities without any problems! We stayed in the Spanish district and it was walking distance to all the means of transportation that we needed. We didn't spend a lot of time in Naples because of all the day trips that we took, but if I could only make one suggestion for this city it would be to consume as much pizza as humanly possible. It is the birth place of it after all! 

Visiting Capri was definitely the easier destination out of the two. You can buy tickets right on the Port in Naples and take the one hour high speed ferry straight to the island. There are a couple different tickets you can buy, all throughout the day, but we opted for the faster ferry first thing in the morning so we could make the most of what little time we had in Capri. 
Once we got there we grabbed a quick seafood lunch and caught the super cheap gondola lifts straight to the top of the island. When you get off you're greeted by an incredible, sweeping view of the cliffs and the ocean. 
Make sure to eat as much lemon granita as you can because Capri is famous for their delicious lemons, and if you have time to wander around our favorite gelato shop in the world is there too!
If you're interested in renting a boat, all I can say is DO IT! You can go on tours with a large group of strangers, or you can do what we did and rent a small banana boat just for yourselves, no guide or driver necessary! We used Banana Sport Capri and they were super reasonably priced and we have no regrets about it at all! Make sure to pack some food or wine out with you so you can have a picnic, or put on a life jacket (or dont!) and jump right into the ocean! 

Positano was a little difficult to get to, but completely worth the effort. It took us a really confusing train ride and a ridiculously windy bus ride to get to our destination. If you're like me, some motion sickness medicine was necessary. Make sure that once you arrive, head straight to the port office and buy a ticket for the ferry back to Sorreno before they sell out. It's a little bit pricey but I think it was worth it to not have to take that two hour bus ride back. Plus the view as you're pulling off the coast was incredible. 
Once we got to Positano our main goal was to find a beach and swim. The public beaches are pretty crowded and honestly a little bit dirty, so after a little bit of research we realized that we could rent chairs from the local restaurants and swim at their private beaches! We weren't going to be sunbathing so we all split one chair for $15 and shared the space to store our bags. We spent the rest of our time swimming around the Mediterranean sea and exploring the small town. Eating as much gelato as we could, my count was three cones!