24 Hours In Venice

Out of all the places T and I have visited, Venice was definitely the most surreal. It was never a place that I thought we'd actually have the opportunity to go, so this summer while we were getting lost in the alley ways and running along the canals, it felt like a dream.

With only 24 hours in this beautiful city, we went into it without any real plan. I had the major landmarks jotted down in a little notebook, and some notable food that we'd have to try (i.e. seafood, pizza, gelatoooooo!), but we played the rest by ear. I have absolutely no regrets in choosing to explore Venice this way, half of the fun was getting lost in the maze of alleys, stumbling upon gelato shops, bridges and tiny corner side restaurants. 

With that being said, I wish that I had more of a 'guide' for you, but we didn't really have one for ourselves either. We ate at restaurants we couldn't pronounce, and stopped at every single gelato shop that we saw. But here are a few things to keep in mind if you're visiting! 

Skip The Gondolas
I know, I know. The gondolas are beautiful, and absolutely shouldn't be missed. But the prices are steep, and the rides are short. T and I enjoyed them just as much sitting on the edge of a bridge with a slice of pizza, listening to the gondoliers sing as they went by. We saved the money and rented a motor boat in capri isntead, that we drove ourselves for the same price! If I could suggest one thing though, it'd be to use a little bit of pocket change and buy yourself a ticket onto the water taxi. You can start at the Grand Canal and just ride it until it takes you out of the city, before getting back on one that takes you back to your starting point. You get beautiful, sweeping views of Venice from the taxi, especailly at sunrise. 

Take Your Time
Venice has so much to offer, in such a small amount of space. I love that, because it meant that T and I could really take our time and soak in every second that we had in this city. We'd be walking through an alleyway, look up, and suddenly we'd be staring at the bridge of sighs. Or we'd turn a corner and be standing in the middle of Piazza San Marco. Take a second to soak everything in, and enjoy the quiet squares, and sleepy alleyways. 

If You Want It, Buy It
My biggest regret was not buying a wax seal while I was in Venice. T and I saw a couple shops that sold them, but kept telling ourselves that we'd buy them a little bit later. Of course by the end of our day there there wasn't a single one in sight! There's a good chance that you won't stumble on the same store twice, it's so easy to get lost in this beautiful city. So if you see something you like, bargain it down and buy it! You don't want to regret it later.