San Diego Sunsets

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We started our vacation a little early last month, and spent the weekend in southern California before embarking on our carnival cruise! Less than 24 hours in San Diego was definitely not enough time to do all the things that we really wanted to do, but we did our best to fill our time with tons of amazing food and even more incredible sunsets. Here are some of our favorite spots, I can't wait to visit again when it's warm!

Eat Your Way Through San Diego
Nothing beats the food scene in San Diego. Amazing BBQ and tacos, and if you're really into beer this city has some amazing offerings. 

Phil's BBQ : I can't think of a single excuse for you NOT to visit Phil's if you're in town. With over 10,000 reviews and 4.5 stars you already know you can't go wrong. I know the line's long, but it's totally worth it! It's the best BBQ T and I have ever had in California.
Hammonds: If you're already at Phil's you might as well treat yourself and walk across the plaza to Hammonds. After downing ribs and potato salad, T and I shared a 32 mini scoop flight of gourmet ice cream! I know, I know. But it won't happen again, I promise. We were on vacation! 
Tacos El Gordo:  If you know me, you know I can and will eat my weight in tacos. Lucky for us San Diego is one of the best places in California to get them, so we made sure to stop by Tacos El Gordo. The lines are long, but they move quickly. And when you have the delicious tacos in your hands, you won't even remember how long you waited. 

Watch The Sunset
The sunsets in Southern California are some of the best that I've ever seen. From the beaches you get completely unobstructed views of the fiery sky, and you get to sit on the edge of tide pools to enjoy it. If you're looking for a romantic place to put down a blanket. have a picnic and watch the sun go down? Sunset Cliffs should defintely be on your list! 

With such little time in the city, we were pretty limited in what we were able to do. Food was our first priority, exploring was our second. I fell in love with Balboa Park, we spent a couple hours combing through it from one end to the other. It has so much to offer! A beautiful and completely free green house, museums, street performers, and cafes. The next time we're visiting I plan on convincing T to let me pack us a picnic and spend an entire morning here!