Travel Makeup Essentials

If you didn't realize it from my last packing post, I'm an awful packer. If I could bring a gallon sized ziplock bag of makeup with me just for the sake of feeling prepared, I would... But we all know that luggage space is sacred and I was determined to figure out a one pouch solution this past summer before I left the country for a month with only a carry on bag. 
I managed to actually pack all of my makeup with room to spare, and I was more than happy with everything that I brought with me. I didn't feel like I was missing anything that I needed! 

Brushes and Tools
Unfortunately I'm not the type of person that can use my hands to apply makeup, and tiny travel sized brushes don't do anything for me either. But long handles and huge fluffy bristles definitely don't work in your favor when you're trying to be compact. I needed tools that were versatile and small, and the ones that I keep with me are exactly that.
My blending sponge does my concealer, foundation AND my powder. I know it's not conventional, but I haven't had any problems so far! 
My small Nars kabuki brush came in a blush kit that I purchased over the holidays. It works just as well as the regular sized one and it takes up virtually no space in my bag. I use it for blush, bronzer AND highlighter. 
Lastly my Sigma powder brush recently lost it's handle, but it actually ended up working to my advantage because now it fits perfectly into my pouch! no handles sticking out or bristles getting smushed! 

Face Products
These are the products that I'm currently using, but depending on the destination and the state of my skin I will switch them out! I try to be pretty strict on myself and not allow more than one of each type of item in my travel bag at a time. 
I like to keep a tinted moisturizer because it's lightweight to use on a daily basis. I can build it up when I need it, but i'm not stuck with a heavy foundation for days when it's hot or i'm running around a ton sightseeing. 
A powder is perfect for when I don't want a dewy look and am looking for something more matte. That way I don't feel the need to pack two different liquid formulas with me! 
No matter what I always have an under eye concealer in my travel bag. Long hours on the planes or trains can make me look like a zombie, so I can't go anywhere without using something brighting on my bags. 
Even though I love to have options, I try to only keep one bronzer, blush and highlighter in my bag. Pick natural colors that can be built up so you can wear them whether you're running from sight to sight or going on a night out. 

Eyes and Lips
I know this is where it gets hard to minimize your products. Not having an array of shadows to choose from or different lipsticks at my disposable made me feel unprepared, but i've found a couple products that haven't let my down yet!
I like to stick with the basics when it comes to my eyeliner, eyebrows, and mascara. My tried and true favorites, I usually won't swap them out for anything different because I'll wear these daily even if i'm not wearing face makeup. 
For my eyes, Laura Mercier caviar sticks are my life savers. I can swipe them on and blend them out with my fingers easily. If i'm going out at night I like to smudge it a little heavier near my lash line and blend upwards with my finger for a quick smokey eye. I've gotten away with using just this one pencil for the entire summer no matter where I'm going, and I haven't had to pack anything else! 
For my lips, I just use MAC's soar lip pencil that can be worn on it's own during the day or underneath my favorite liquid lipstick at night! Kat Von D's lolita is wearable no matter the time of day, so I like to keep those two in my bag. 

Last Tip
Just to make sure i'm prepared I like to use just the makeup that i've packed when I'm getting ready in the mornings for about a week before my trip. That way if i'm forgetting something it'll be obvious, and it'll give me a chance to test out just how versatile my products to see if I want to switch anything out or not.