Keep Portland Weird

I know in the last post we talked about T's favorite destination, but Portland in the fall hands down has to be mine. Like a lot of other people, Autumn is my favorite and i've never been to a place that epitomized a season so well. 
We were only here for a weekend, but it was just enough time to leave me wanting more of what this beautiful city has to offer. Amazing and unique food, breathtaking scenery and nature, i've never been to a place quite like it and I can't wait to go back. We did way too much for me to be able to round it all up in one post, but here are the highlights and must sees if it's your first time too!

22 SW 3rd Ave
Voodoo is a must try if you're visiting Portland. I can't say that they're my favorite doughnuts, but the hot pink walls, quirky flavors and over all theme make it unmissable! They're open 24 hours, and you'll have to park on the street so bring some quarters. Bonus, the KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD mural is right across the street. 

Blue Star Doughnuts
3753 N. Mississippi Ave
Speaking of my favorite donuts, Blue Star definitely takes the cake! They are delicious, artisan donuts unlike any other that i've ever tried. They use amazing ingredients and each unique flavor really showcase the quality. I reccomend anything with valrhona chocolate pearls on top! 

Por Que No?
3524 N. Mississippi Ave
We stopped in here for dinner on one of the nights and I have absolutely not regrets. The shop itself is so cute, but the actual tacos were amazing. T and I really liked the calamari tacos! It's also down the street from Blue Star so grab yourself some of both! 

Salt and Straw
3345 SE Division St
You really can't stop by Portland and not go to Salt and Straw. Their strawberry balsamic with black pepper has won awards and trust me everything people say about it is true. Hands down my favorite ice cream flavor i've ever had! But aside from that one, we sampled a couple other ridiculously unique and delicious flavors too! 

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St
Again, this restaurant is located right down the street from Salt and Straw, so dinner and dessert anyone? Before I say anything else though, IF YOU HAVE A PEANUT ALLERGY DO NOT GO NEAR THIS PLACE, even the water tasted like roasted peanuts! Ok, now that that's out of the way, I have never had an eating experience like I had at Pok Pok. A food friend of ours raved about this place for such a long time that it was at the top of our list for our visit, and it did not disappoint. The fish sauce wings are what they're famous for so definitely order them if you can! Also, expect a long long wait. We put our names down and explored the near by shops and boutiques for about an hour or so since it was raining. 

Oneota Gorge Hike
Oneonta Falls
This gorge is probably one of my all time favorite memories with T. It's a short 1.5 mile round trip hike that puts you chest deep in freezing cold water, and in the middle of a dizzying lumber wall but the waterfall at the end of it made it completely worth it. The locals have told us not to attempt after heavy rain or when the weather starts to get too cold, because the gorge can flood and you can definitely get stuck. 

Multnomah Falls
50000 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy
Portland had an abundance of waterfalls, we probably saw at least 5 on accident on different occasions, but if you're visiting for the first time Multnomah should definitely be on your list. We drove straight here from the airport with no problems and it was absolutely breathtaking. 

Vista House At Crown Point
40700 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy
You can actually stop by here on your way to Multnomah if you'd like, but don't even think about skipping it all together. With a short drive to the vista house you get incredible, sweeping views of the columbia river, it was absolutely beautiful. I recommend packing some lunch and sitting on the ledge to take in the incredible views. 

Powells City Of Books
1005 W. Burnside St
I love books, but even if you didn't i'd recommend stopping in here. I could spend hours and hours winding in and out of the shelves with the incredible collection of books that they have. Floors and rooms and steps filled with them, overflowing with them. If you've read Mr. Penumbra's 24 hour book store, this is what I imagine it'd look like, if you haven't you probably should!