Sylvia Ta, a 26 year old weekday pastry chef and weekend adventurer. I started traveling with my husband about seven years ago and we've been documenting our trips through photos ever since. I started Where She Wandered as a place to share our experiences and hopefully create a platform that will inspire other people to share theirs as well! I love travel and it's ability to bring people together, and I couldn't imagine my life without it or without the people that we've met through it. 

What camera do you use?
We switch between an iPhone 8+ and our Canon 6D with a 35mm lens.

Who takes your photos?
Generally my husband, or a tripod. Occasionally we'll ask a stranger to help us get a shot or two! 

Where are you from? 
Born and raised in the Bay Area. 

Can we work together? 
We'd love to! Feel free to contact us CLICK HERE .