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At Where She Wandered travel isn't always about expensive first class flights or luxury resort stays... actually it hardly ever is! But we still think that adventure should still be accessible to everyone under the sun. We are just real people trying to experience as much of the real world as we can! Follow along with guides and tips to visit all of our favorite places. 


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Work, social life, grocery shopping... Why doesn't adulthood come with a manual? We're no experts, but we're here to offer any expertise that we might have for anyone that is just as confused as we are! Follow along, we'll talk about balancing friends, family, food and everything in between.



Where She Wandered is more than just a blog, it's a community. My hope is that this platform will be a source of inspiration and motivation for readers, no matter where they are in life. Take a look at some of the amazing guest bloggers that we've had on the blog, or submit your own ideas or post!


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